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In the past few years, many jobs have been lost to automation and other technological advancements. Automation is also replacing jobs once performed exclusively by humans.

Similarly, technology in cashmere production has advanced. Today, a machine can weave cashmere perfectly from beginning to end. We could have used the latest technology to mass produce cashmere clothing. We could have invested in machines that would have allowed us to speed up production, give customers spotless finishing, and generate lots of profit.

But we didn't do that. Here's why:

We couldn't bear the thought of saying goodbye to our artisans who had been with us for decades—the ones who had mastered their craft through years of hard work and dedication. We couldn't let them go just because advancing technology made it possible. So instead of taking the easy route, we took the road less travelled—and kept things as they always were: handmade! Our scarves is made by hand, using techniques passed down through generations, in order to create modern pieces with a timeless aesthetic. That's why we're committed to helping artisans continue their craft. And we wanted to keep producing quality over quantity.

We know what goes into each piece; we know the quality is unmatched in its softness and durability; and we know how much love goes into creating each piece of clothing so you can feel it every time you wear it!

Our mission is to connect you to the art of cashmere. Our collections will inspire you to build a wardrobe that reflects your values, your passions and your style.

Each scarf is made by hand, so no two are exactly alike—and that's what makes them so special!

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